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Participation in Prewar Days as an exhibitor... 

Prewar Days, an automotive trade fair, distinguishes itself by exclusively celebrating the prewar era of motoring, drawing a specialized audience of collectors, historians, and enthusiasts from around the Europe. Unlike broader classic car events, our focused theme ensures that your exhibits capture the undivided attention of attendees passionate about this unique period of automotive heritage.


Since we founded in 2019, Prewar Days has always been growing. With last year’s edition opening doors with over 60 exhibitors, from 8 countries, about 150 vehicles, 100 meters of Prewar parts and documentation spaced out on over 6000m²

Prewar Days provides...

Premium Visibility: Leverage the international draw of Prewar Days to showcase your collection to an engaged, affluent audience from across Europe and beyond.

Valuable Networking: Connect with fellow exhibitors, collectors, and potential buyers in a dynamic setting, fostering relationships that go beyond the event.

                                    Have a look to the exhibitor list of the 2023 edition

Heritage Celebration: Join a community dedicated to the preservation and celebration of automotive history, where your collection contributes to a larger narrative of preservation and beauty.

A unique proposition: With the focus solely on the Prewar era of motoring, this is the opportunity to bring forward the lesser known models from your inventory.

Investing in a stand at Prewar Days is an investment in the legacy of the automotive pioneers and with various stand options available, we are committed to ensuring your collection receives the recognition it deserves.We are excited about the possibility of partnering with you for this year’s Prewar Days.

Centrally situated...

De buitengewone bereikbaarheid positioneert Prewar Days als een centraal punt voor liefhebbers van klassieke auto's in Europa en biedt u een ongeëvenaarde kans om een breed en doelgericht publiek te bereiken.

• Only 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Calais, and only 35 minutes from Lille

• A mere 3 hours' drive from Paris, 

• Just 1 hour away from Brussels, Belgium’s vibrant capital, 

• 3 hours drive from Cologne (Keulen), 

• 2 hours and 30 minutes drive from Amsterdam,

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