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Prewar Days "A unique oldtimer fair"

Friday 6 - Saturday 7 - Sunday 8 December 2024 / Kortrijk Xpo

"Prewar Days" is an event that celebrates the golden era of motoring, focusing on vehicles that were manufactured before World War II. This period, roughly from the early 20th century up until the early 1940s, is considered by many enthusiasts as a time of significant innovation and craftsmanship in the automotive industry. Cars from this era are admired for their unique design, engineering marvels, and the historical context in which they were created.


During Prewar Days, enthusiasts, collectors, and historians gather to showcase and admire these vintage vehicles. It's an opportunity to see up close the exquisite detailing, craftsmanship, and engineering that define prewar automobiles.

Opening hours

Kortrijk Xpo

President Kennedylaan 100 - 8500 Kortrijk

Friday 6 December I 2 pm - 9 pm

Saturday 7 December I 10 am - 6 pm

Sunday 8 December I 10 am - 6 pm

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