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Testing the roadbook

Dear enthusiasts of The 100 Miles

In about seven weeks, we will be at the start of The 100 Miles of Ypres. So what better time to go scout the routing in The 100 Miles fashion. With clear skies and temperatures almost more suitable to a late summer evening, we set off with the windows down and the top nicely folded back.

Our weapon of choice, a sporty yet comfortable BMW 327, kindly lended by the Bossaert family collection. Setting off through the still very busy streets of Ypres at 20:31. Once in the countryside and away from most traffic we quickly needed to adapt to the rather dim 6V lightbulbs installed in the BMW. A clear sign we should have more night time driving in the future.

Still, we did not run into any problems during the 160-km ride. We even took the time to take some photos at familiar landmarks along the route. Those here who are already familiar with the "Westhoek" will immediately be able to picture where The 100 Miles of Ypres will take you.

If you were still wondering if The 100 Miles of Ypres would be something for you, be sure to take a look at our website, we have just announced our competitors. But don't worry, you can still register via this link, the website or the button below.

Kind regards

Michael & Lawrence Bossaert Organisation The 100 Miles

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