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The 100 Miles of Ypres 2022 - Saturday December 17th

We are back, the past few months, we have been busy in getting the basics back together for Prewar Days. The Classic car fair dedicated to prewar vehicles and everything which goes on in that industry. As this is now set in stone to go forward on December 9, 10 and 11 in Kortrijk Xpo, we can bring back The 100 Miles from hibernation.

And what a hibernation it has been, since we took control of the organisation back in early 2020, we have not been in able to make it start once! And as Ypres has been happily received as starting city for the past 2 attempts we are not planning on changing the location this time.

Because a The 100 Miles rally is associated with winter and night, we invite you on December 17th in Ypres to start the drive at 20:30. Expect to find your way or be guided through the flattest, and most hilly parts of the Flanders fields, by map, or a well described tulip roadbook. This is an endeavour we will not start without having threated ourselves to a heart-warming dinner. Along the way, we look to meet you for a sporty challenge and of course some timely refreshments.

If this convinces you immediately, do not hesitate to register now! In order to guarantee the best quality we limit the rally to 50 competitors, so do not be caught out!

If you were to have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

We are looking forward to see you in Ypres!

Website The 100 Miles:

Link to subscribe: Click here to subscribe

Kindest regards,

The 100 Miles organisation

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